Tour de Schindler 2018: cycling for cancer charities


The annual Tour de Schindler charity cycling event started today. This year, the team will ride 830km from The Hague (Netherlands) to Berlin (Germany). The ride will take four days, ending on 27th August, and they will cover between 125 and 336km per day, raising money for cancer charities.



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Tour de Schindler 2018 participants at the start in The Hague (Netherlands)
Tour de Schindler 2018 participants at the start in The Hague (Netherlands)

What is the Tour de Schindler?

For the last five years a group of Schindler employees have organized the Tour de Schindler. During the Tour, cyclists travel hundreds of kilometers between countries in which Schindler operates. The event is not only an ambitious team challenge, but it raises money for cancer charities.

Route of the Tour de Schindler 2018
Route of the Tour de Schindler 2018

About 30 employees from different countries and parts of the business take part in this year’s cycling event – the largest group yet. On the last day of their journey, August 27th, they will be joined by employees from Schindler Germany who will ride with the group to the historic Brandenburg Gate.

During the Tour de Schindler the participants will raise money for cancer charity organizations in Germany and the Netherlands.

Schindler is proud of the dedication and commitment shown by the Tour de Schindler participants. It is a great example of how our employees volunteer their time and give back to society.